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Choreography: Boris Eifman
Scenery Z. Margolin
Lighting B. Eifman, G. Filshtinsky
Costumes by N. Zyuzkevich with contributions
from O. Kulizhnova and D. Prokhorova
Music S. Rakhmaninov, A. Skryabin
Sound-effects L. Eremin

The premiere was held on June 12  2007

Boris Eifman devoted this ballet to his theatre’s 30-year anniversary. On the basis of Chekhov’s work the choreographer created ‘the play of his theatre’, and it is about the conflict of generations, the price for success, the problem of old and modern forms. ‘The Seagull’ is a choreographic meditation about creativity and possible paths of the art development, as well as the multifaceted-ness of love, the crush of illusions, and the artistic loneliness.

These are the themes that exited Chekhov and his characters, and they remain topical today. ‘The Seagull’ has already won the audience’s affection and critics’ recognition; the ballet arouses interest by the audacity of interpretation and proves that Boris Eifman is not afraid to take risks and experiment with complex authors like Chekhov.

‘The Seagull’ is, to a certain degree, a forward-looking ballet for Boris Eifman’s well-established choreographic style. It integrates the choreographer’s artistic experience gained over the years with new choreographic findings and unites seemingly incompatible dancing styles from neoclassic cheap replica rolex to hip-hop. The inner action is expressed through pure choreographic forms, almost without mise en scenes, that certainly attests to the choreographer’s transition to the new stage of development.