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Music: P. Tchaikovsky, А. Sitkovetsky
Scenery: Z. Margolin
Lighting: G. Filshtinsky
Costumes: О. Shaishmelashvili, P. Okunev
Video-art: V. Bystrov

Premiered on 3rd of March 2009, St. Petersburg, Russia


‘Onegin’ is a choreographic version of A. Pushkin’s two-act novel in verse ‘Eugene Onegin’. While preserving poetics and philosophy of Pushkin’s work Eifman’s new ballet presents the opportunity to view the story through the eyes of a contemporary. The production of ‘Onegin’ by Eifman Ballet Company became one of the major events in contemporary cultural life in 2009.

Eifman’s name is always associated with most interesting experiments and audacious interpretation of classical works; he renews and enriches the form and the content of the contemporary ballet. The artistic images present an amalgam, a mixture of the real and fantastic, and that causes powerful emotional experience. The same concerns the light and the music. This time the director brings together classical and contemporary music. The combination of P.I. Tchaikovsky’s classical music and A. Sitkovetsky rock music make the audience comprehend the choreographer’s message better.