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Choreography: Boris Eifman
Music: Techno Groups ‘Wanfried’,
‘Future Sound of London’, ‘Reload’;
Jewish, Christian, Muslim, religious,
ethno music. ‘Aria’ by Mozart.
Designer: S. Okunev

Premier took place on March 27th 1998

The ballet ‘My Jerusalem’ is first and foremost addressed to the young audience who has lost faith in many moral values. By means of bright and contemporary forms the ballet tells about genuine spiritual sources – the Faith, the Hope, the Love…

The action is happening in the music and intonation sphere that has absorbed religious and ethno-music as well as pulsating rhythms of techno-music. By the finale the polyphony of the music collage flows into one single river bed, and the silent comes. And from the silence the majestic sounds of Mozart’s music are born, and one feels the breath of eternity. The utmost beauty and harmony of this music come together with the spiritual insight of the characters.

Through sufferings and mistakes the characters gain that very feeling of the universal Love that is present in all world religions. That Love gives them strength to come on board a ship that is perceived as a single Church of the mankind, the Noah's ark. The ballet gives hope that the inter-confessional conflicts are possible to overcome, and the brotherly unity is not just a pipe dream.

The choreographer says that ‘theoretically everybody understands – the God is single. But in reality the differences turn out to be impossible to overcome. This contrast between the reality and the theory destroys the universal harmony. The desire to gain this harmony underlies this ballet.’

‘My Jerusalem’ touches upon the eternal themes of human existence. The choreographer conceived the idea to create this ballet after visiting Jerusalem; the ballet’s title reflects the author’s view of the Eternal city. In contrast to his previous productions this time Eifman does not contour any specific plotline. One should not look for any explicit events or reality here. The image of spiritual Jerusalem emerges in front of the audience’s eyes by means of plasticity and choreographic artistry of the highest degree.