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Choreography: Boris Eifman
Music: Piotr Ilyitch Tchaikovsky
Sets: Zinovy Margolin
Costumes: Slava Okunev
Lighting: Gleb Filshtinsky

Premiered on March 31st 2005


Eifman’s ballet ‘Anna Karenina’ is filled up with inner psychological energy; it is extremely precise in its emotional impact. Having cut out the counterplot lines of Leo Tolstoy’s novel, the choreographer focuses on Anna-Karenin-Vronsky love triangle. The drama of the re-born woman is expressed by means of body’s plasticity. In Eifman’s opinion, it is the passion, ‘the basic instinct’ that causes the crime against social norms, destroys mother love, and breaks Anna Karenina’s connection with her own soul. A woman, absorbed and smashed by passion, is ready to sacrifice everything. The choreographer says that this ballet is about the present, not the past; about the present-day emotions, and the clear parallels to the contemporary reality cannot leave the contemporary audience aloof. The psychological twists and turns of Tolstoy’s novel are rendered by the highest level of technique together with Boris Eifman’s choreography.