Photo by Chantal Guevara

April 22, 2014

On April 19 the final performances of the St. Petersburg Eifman Ballet's London season were held at the London Coliseum. During the tour which commenced on April 15 and became the part of the UK-Russia Year of Culture 2014 the premiere of Rodin and Anna Karenina (already successfully performed in London) were presented at the Coliseum. British audience highly estimated innovative plastic language of Boris Eifman admiring the performances of the Company.

It is remarkable that after the first performance of Rodin with the full house the British audience, often reserved and severe, gave a standing ovation to the dancers performing the ballet in London for the first time. The same reaction repeated at the next performances of Eifman Ballet. Ovation, yells “Bravo” and curtain calls became the well-deserved award for Boris Eifman and his Company.

The Eifman Ballet's London season is actively discussed online. Londoners do not keep their sincere admiration in their comments. "It was magnificent and powerful! Beautifully choreographed and danced with technical perfection and strong emotions," says one of the BalletcoForum users about Rodin. "Incredible choreography," tweets another ballet lover.
"Absolutely amazing performance of Boris Eifman’s ballet: creative, innovative, and obviously challenging for those who only try to smear anything new and refreshing in modern ballet," - share his emotions on Rodin one of the spectators.

IMG_0971-e1357652268470Graham Watts, Chairman of the Dance Section of the Critics’ Circle in the UK, quotes Auguste Rodin's saying in his review at Londondance.com: “If truth is to die, my Balzac will be torn apart by the generations to come. If truth is imperishable, I predict that my statue will make its way in the world”.
The words of the great sculptor were the riposte to the denial he had received from critics to his monument to Honore de Balzac. According to Graham Watts the story with this work is similar to the situation with St. Petersburg ballet company whose daring art is still not to some people's liking. Mr. Watts highly estimated Eifman Ballet's performance. "Rodin has a visceral, elemental strength as a vehicle both for conveying the essential ingredients of a narrative with complete clarity and for streaming sequential episodes of absorbing, fascinating dance... And, using Rodin’s own words, I predict that it will continue to make its way in the world," - he states.

Margaret Willis from Bachtrack agrees with Graham Watts giving Rodin 5 stars. The production, says Willis, "takes its audience on a breathless whirlwind journey". In another review, by Sunday Express, the ballet about the great French sculptor received 4 stars. The magnificent acting skills of Eifman Ballet dancers are praised by the newspaper.

It was the fourth Eifman Ballet's London season in the 37-year history of the Company. This tour has already become an integral and important part of Eifman Ballet's artistic chronicle. Next seasons the Company would be definitely glad to give its art to the London audience again.

VTB Capital is the General Partner of the St. Petersburg Eifman Ballet’s London season 2014